Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Five

1.  TIME CHANGE SATURDAY NIGHT.  Set your clocks forward.

2.  New message series begins this Sunday on the FAMILY.

  • Part 1 focuses on husbands & wives and how to have harmony in the marriage.  Yes, we’ll talk about that very difficult subject found in Ephesians 5 – submission.
  • Part 2 will focus upon parents and what their God-given duties are in raising their children.
  • Part 3 focuses on children & teenagers and what their duty is to their parents, especially while still living in their home.
  • Part 4 will focus on the four seasons of family life and includes a section directed at empty nesters.

3.  FARWELL RECPTION for WADE COLON immediately after church.   Wade and his family have been an vital part of PCC for many years and we are bidding Wade farewell this Sunday as he leaves for the Coast Guard.  Wade will be drumming this weekend and it will be a very special day, his last Sunday with us, so please come participate in this special event for him.

4.  SPRING BREAK PICNIC next Wednesday night, 6:00 PM.  The youth group is picnicking and having recreation.  You’re invited to the event too.  Grills are available in the park, but you’ll have to bring your own food, charcoal and grilling implements. Don’t forget to bring tablecloths, drinks, and lawn chairs.  We’ll be playing soft-ball, basket ball, and few other fun games.  So bring your sports gear too.

5.  NEW CLASS for PARENTS:  “Pure Parenting – Teaching Your Teen Why True Love Waits.”  This class begins on April 15th.   You can sign up for this study in the atrium at the Information Table.

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