Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life-Giving Churches (Organic, Part 2)

Accepting a new reality and moving people towards it is the clarion call of leadership.  But change and transition can be a difficult task.  Because change is so difficult, we often delay moving in a new direction.

A new season is upon us.  I’m placing the cross hairs specifically on the formation of community in our church family and how it occurs.

What’s the main idea?  It’s a shift from "programming" community to using a more organic approach; one that creates environments where community can emerge naturally.

In the pit of our stomachs most church leaders have a gnawing sense that Christian community (fellowship, koinonia ) has to be more natural, spontaneous, and life-giving.  More like the book of Acts.  Yet most of us in the ministry today have been trained to offer up models that are often over-programmed and very Westernized. 

There’s a better way to experience community than what we're used to.  A way that is natural and spirit-filled.  A way that could potentially involve 100% of our people.  Life-giving ministry flows through godly relationships, not corporate structures.

So hear me out.  What I have to say might be exactly what you have been waiting for. 

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