Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Being a Grandfather is Pure Awesomeness

I am now a first-time grandfather.  Nolan Christian was born to my son and daughter in-law in November.  I’m especially looking forward to the years ahead.  Here’s why being is grandfather is pure awesomeness:

1.  Now that I am instantly old I can hike my short pants up too high and start wearing white socks with sandals.  Grandfather’s do that, you know.  Besides, I love that look.

2.  I will get to take my grandson to fun places…. like Bass Pro Shop.

3.  I’m going to get a really cool nickname – Pappy.

4.  I can take the “spoiling a child” up to a whole-new-level.  Parents job:  Teach manners, self-control and self-discipline.  My job:  What does Nolan want today?

5.  Other awesome things I’m looking forward to:  Tee Ball, sports, fishing, etc., and telling him about God.


Robert H. said...

From one Grandpa to another I agree 100%. I have taken my grandsons fishin, to the deer woods, atv riding, monster trucks, wrestling,etc.. they just like doing whatever I am doing whether its work or play. Building memories .Wait until you can give him a ride on that trac

Louie said...

That's awesome. Can we call you Pappy too!!! lol