Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump (for April 22) - Tuesday Edition

Last Sunday I preached my 884th sermon at PCC.  Most of those have been consecutive, over the years, without a break.  Nor does it count the classes, seminars, training sessions, weddings, and funerals.  That’s a lot of talking.  That's a lot of study.  It's depleting too.

"....much study is weariness to the flesh" (Ecclesiastes 12:12)

The last week has been crazy!  And busy.  That's why I haven't written on my blog since last Wednesday. 

Got to spend some time in my garden over the weekend.  Very therapeutic for me.  It gives me a place to go, and the physical labor relieves stress.  Plus, it gives me a sense of accomplishment to complete a physical task.   i.e., I can step back and see where I started and where I finished (even if it involves using a shovel).

The ministry is not like that.  The work is never done.  No matter how much I do or get done, it’s never finished.  That’s why I have to just push back and let some things be.

The plants in the garden are taking off.  It’s exciting to see everything growing so fast and looking healthy.  Hopefully it will provide me with a harvest in the end. 

I’ll post another picture in a couple of days.

Even my wife is impressed with how good it looks.

I really dislike the new timeline on Facebook.

I’m two weeks into the current series (Becoming a Disciple) and it’s challenging.

Part 1 was “Rabbi.” 
Part 2 (last Sunday) “When the Rabbi Calls.” 
Part 3 (next week) “Following the Rabbi.”

Jesus was not as interested in large crowds or big numbers as much as He was a surrendered life.  That’s why He thundered His nonnegotiable terms of discipleship – He wanted people to know what commitment to Him looked like. 

His message of discipleship never failed to thin the ranks because it peeled back the thin veneer of skin-deep commitment and got down to the nerve endings.

It still has the same effect today.

My hope is that the idea of discipleship gets a firm grip on a lot of people in the PCC family. Jesus did not say, “Go, make converts.”  He said, “Go, make disciples.”

I am consumed with the idea right now.

It was a good day at PCC last Sunday.  Attendance was strong too.  I really liked the offertory, “It Is Well With My Soul.” 

I especially like how people hang around after church so long.  That’s a good thing.

My leadership style needs to change.  It's going to change.  I’m a work in progress. 

The last month has been insane.

Two weeks ago we were experiencing Easter hangover.  Last week things were back to normal.  Thank God.

God isn’t too worried about attendance on Easter and Christmas Eve.  He knows they only come around once a year.  That’s how they got their name.

People come and go, attendance will rise and fall, enthusiasm will wax and wane; but my wife and family will be with me for the long haul.  So I’m going to invest most of my effort there, have fun along the way, and chill out about the rest.

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