Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Making Disciples God's Way

Every Easter I hear of another church doing something crazy to get people in the door of their building:
  • One church gave away a car
  • One church surprised attenders with a shopping spree
  • Scores of other churches dropped Easter eggs from a helicopter
What’s next?  John the Baptist offering people a free camel ride if they’ll get baptized?

Somehow I don’t think Oprah-like bribery to get people through the door is what Jesus had in mind when He told us to make disciples. Jesus has given the church a specific mission and He has also given us the strategy and means to accomplish that mission: (1)The Spirit of God, (2) The Word of God, and (3) The people of God.

The book of Acts is the explosive example of what happens when all three work in combination. 

If there is any doubt that God can use the members of PCC like He did in the book of Acts, just remember we are the Body of Christ.  Jesus has masterfully pulled together a group of people who are Spirit-empowered and Word-of-God-equipped to carry out that mission.

Why should we accept anything less than explosive, God-honoring, awe-inspiring transformation and growth?  


Rob Hadding said...

I am looking for the "like" button.

Ron said...

Thanks Rob!