Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump - May 27, 2012

Solid day.

After being out of town all week I felt a little rusty while preaching, but the message was still solid and edifying.

Bottom line of the message:  A disciple does not fear the world, but fears God instead.

After service we hosted a reception for all our graduates (from high school, college, etc).  It was a lot of a fun because we really appreciate the young people of PCC.  I was very pleased to hear that a few of the graduates are not moving away, but will attend college locally.

Attendance was off about 40 people I think, but still very good for Memorial Day weekend.

I had to fill in on bass guitar because our regular bassist had to work.  I enjoyed all the songs and got a lot of enjoyment playing.

This evening we had a house full of people, family and friends, over for dinner and homemade ice-cream.  It’s what summers are for.

Tomorrow I will be spending some time in the garden.  My tomato plants are under attack by pests.

Mind Dump is brief tonight because I am wore out.

Life is good.

Going to bed.

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