Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Five

1.  This Sunday is Communion with some great music.

2.  Next Sunday we begin a new message series on the life of Elijah.  Beginning in 1 Kings 16, we’ll go verses-by-verse in this teaching series.

3.  VBS ends tonight.  It’s been a great week for the kids… and a lot of hard work for the people who made it happen.  Great job to everyone!

4.  July is Fellowship Month.  Each Sunday we are having a fellowship dinner immediately after church.  Be in service this weekend to find out the details.

5.  I’m reading this book – Not a Fan – authored by Kyle Idleman.  The emphasis of the book is to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ instead of a mere fan.  The author talks about surrender, repentance, and brokenness which is a stark contrast to the shallow, bumper-sticker religion of today.  The book was suggested to me by Sidney Gill last Sunday who told me she had been reading it during the Discipleship series I had been teaching.  The language of the book is very similar to that series too.  I wish I had discovered this book sooner, it would have been a great resource.  If you like a penetrating message that stabs at the core of casual Christianity, this book is for you.  Highly recommended.   


Karen Smith said...

Our small group did a bible study based on this book last year. It was very eye opening with lots of self examination. It was phenomenal! I highly recommend it.

Karen Smith

Jewel Christian said...

I ordered this book from Amazon. It arrived yesterday. I cannot put it down.