Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not Enough Activities?

I cringe when someone says “PCC doesn’t offer enough activities.”    When I hear that, it's like throwing cold water on me.  It implies we are not doing enough, when in fact we are. 

Our job is to make disciples, not to keep disciples busy.  We are disciple-makers, not activity directors. 

Besides, PCC already offers enough activities to keep anyone “active” if they want to be.  We offer more than what smaller churches are able to offer, and yet, we will never be able to offer as many as the big church.  Nor will we try.  We recognzie that every church, whatever its size, has its own flavor and strengths.  We are a medium sized church, and we offer what we offer.  Embrace us as we are or consider other alternatives.

Furthermore, if PCC provided the amount of activities that some people think we should be offering, I wouldn’t have a life.  Or time for my family.  There’s a limit to what we can do.  At some point, enough is enough.

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