Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump – June 3, 2012

Great day!

Today the Word was faithfully preached, worship was sincerely offered, and fellowship was authentically practiced.  It was a God-honoring day.

Loved the music, the new song, and the spontaneous worship I witnessed in the congregation. 

Loved seeing the new singer on the stage too.  :-)

After church was over people hung around in the atrium for 45 minutes!  I kid you not.  I really appreciate the fact that our church family enjoys each other’s company so much.

For the last three weeks I have been teaching from Matthew chapter 10.  It’s been a verse-by-verse exposition (my favorite way of teaching) and has proven to be very insightful.  I learned a few things during this study about God AND myself.

I particularly like sermons that stay very close to the scripture because (1) that’s the way I learn the most, (2) I can speak with greater authority if the message is straight from the Bible, (3) it makes me feel more like a “faithful” teacher when I’m speaking God’s Word instead of my words, and, (4), God’s people are learning what the “Bible” actually has to say.

I will probably go two more Sunday’s in this series, ending on Father’s Day with a significant challenge to all the men.

The Sunday after that we will have Communion (or a baptism) service.

The next message series is probably going to be a character study on the life of Elijah.  It will be a verse-by-verse exposition from the book of I & 2 Kings in the OT.

You’re going to like this guy Elijah.

Moving on…

Friday after work Renae and I went to Walnut Hill, in Mennonite country, to buy fresh produce.  It was a great trip.  Loved the countryside, the Mennonite people, and the farm they had.  The farm was quite an operation.

Saturday morning we mowed the grass on our property.  I stirred up a wasp nest out of the ground and got stung.  It hurt.  I flung the weed eater on the ground and took off running!  Renae said I didn’t look very good (or graceful) running across the field slapping myself. 

Saturday afternoon we put up the produce we bought in Walnut Hill.  We sat in our driveway under the shade provided by the crepe myrtle trees and shucked three bushels of corn and one bushel of snap beans.  Then we blanched them, along with another bushel of field peas, bagged it all up and put it in the freezer.  A total of four bushels.  We are now ready for winter.

I am also ready for the Mayan Calendar Countdown.


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