Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The Great Commission.  It is what it is.  “Go…. make disciples… baptize…. teach.”

The only thing required to do this is obedience.  If you’re waiting for some kind of spiritual goose bumps before you feel responsible to the world or your community (which is your mission field), you’ve got it all wrong.  It isn’t a question of emotion.  It’s a question of submission.  It isn’t a question of waiting until you get zapped from heaven.  It’s not a question of closing your eyes and pointing your finger to a map on the wall that lands on South America and you say, “This is where God wants me to go!”  It’s not even a matter of hearing the voice of God becaues He has already spoken.  It's a question of submission and obedience to the already revealed will of God.

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