Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Margin and Why it Matters

Margin is the blank space on a sheet of paper.  The margins along the outside edge of the paper, like in your Bible, is what keeps everything where it’s supposed to be.  And we need margin in two areas of our lives.

1.  Margin with our Time.  When my schedule is too jammed I don’t have time to think, to rest, for my family, or for myself.  Furthermore, I don’t have time for unexpected circumstances that may arise.  A jammed schedule with no margin increases stress too.  If your schedule runs your life, you will feel crowded and overwhelmed.  Sometimes the wisest thing to do is say “no.”  Every open slot does not have to be filled.

2.  Margin with Money.  Think about people who spend everything they make – or more than they make – with nothing in reserve.  They don’t  save. That’s a very stressful place to live because when you’re up to your eyeballs in debt, there can’t be a ripple on the lake or you’ll go under.


1. It’s harder to take risks without margin.  If you have financial margin and a great opportunity comes along, you’re in a better position.

2.  It’s hard to relax without margin.  If your schedule is too full, you won’t be able to relax.  Moving from one thing to another, without space in between, takes a toll on your body and spirit.

3.  It’s harder to serve God without margin.  Ultimately, the reason for having plenty of margin in your finances and schedule is to create enough space to respond to God.  If you're not spending everything you make, you can be more generous to God’s causes.  When you have more time in your schedule, you can do things when God says “go.”  Putting margin in your life isn’t about trusting in yourself – it’s about positioning yourself to be a better servant of God.

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