Friday, July 27, 2012

No One Respects a Safe Leader

Please stand for something.

Show some passion, some anger, a little edge.

The Bible says the common people followed Jesus and heard Him gladly, because He spoke -not like the Pharisees - but as one who had authority.

I wish our two presidential candidates had fire in their eyes. Instead, they are too polished and sound like typical politicians. Their statements and speeches are too guarded. Who wants to follow that? Both are afraid of going out on a limb and doing something or saying something outside of the box. Just once I would like to hear a presidential candidate tell somebody off and speak his mind!

I think a lot of pastors follow this example.  They are consummate politicians who play it safe, afraid of going out on a limb, afraid to show some passion, or speak with an edge and tell it like it is. They play both ends from the middle. Who wants to rally behind a person like that?

Life it too short to follow someone to a place called nowhere.

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