Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Thoughts and Personal 411

Looks like it’s time for me to purchase a new vehicle.  My 1998 Tahoe has 215,000 miles on it and now I’m experiencing deep engine trouble.  The mechanic shop I use, (Gaines, in Pace, and highly trusted) have kept my truck running for years, and now they tell me that I need a new motor.  Looks like I have a burned up piston on the #8 cylinder.  The cost would be about $5000, which is too much for an automobile that is fifteen years old.

It’s skipping, losing power, and sucking gas like a vacuum cleaner.  I’m getting about 7-8 miles per gallon right now.  Time to “put her down.” 

When I say I will be buying a new truck, what I mean is a new “used” one.  I’ll be looking for a 2007-2008 Tahoe.  Any leads would be appreciated.

The teenagers of PCC are at summer camp this week.  I’m going to visit them on Wednesday and will teaching a breakaway session after the evening meal.  Really looking forward to it.

Last Sunday’s message was “Bummed Out & Ready to Quit.”  Funny how poignant that thought became to me on Monday morning. 

Last Saturday I tilled my garden completely under.  Nothing is left.  Everything I planted back in March-April has ran its course, so it was time. 

I had about two trailer loads of oak leaves that I turned in as organic matter.  The ground looks good all fluffed up and loose.  In a few weeks I will begin planting again for a fall harvest.  Then I’ll be planting cool weather plants such as collards, turnips, and rutabagas for winter harvesting.  I’ll also be trying garlic and onion.     

I have enjoyed this new hobby of gardening about as much as I have enjoyed anything in a very long time.  It’s a lot of hard work and I’m sure I’ll get tired of it eventually, but for now I’m really motivated.  There’s something very satisfying about planting seed, working the ground, investing sweat equity, and then eating the food we harvest.  It has an earthy feel and makes me feel connected to the ground.  There’s also a good feeling that comes from being (somewhat) self-sufficient and not so dependent upon Wal-Mart.

I came home Saturday with a half bushel of banana peppers and bell peppers (red and green) mixed together.  It was very exciting.     

Between the garden and all the fish we’ve caught this summer, I’m feeling pretty good about ‘living off the land’.  Now to buy some chickens.

Country Boy Can Survive.

I’m just about through with Facebook.  Just took another look and was reminded why.

Dear Men, if Clint Eastwood does not take pictures of himself standing in front of a mirror while holding his smart phone, then neither should we.  And please, don’t’ pucker your lips.

I’ll say it again:  There’s nothing more exciting than watching time-delayed coverage of water polo at the Olympic Games on NBC  :-)

Dear NBC, I just watched a rover land on the planet Mars as it happened.

Did Michael Phelps win all those gold medals by himself, or did the government jump in the pool and bail him out?

I saw a commercial on the “Today” program with NBC promoting a gold-medal winner of a race that has not happened yet.  I surrender.

Watching the media explain how the rising unemployment rate of 8.3% is a good thing makes me think we should elect a new media this November.

I hear that Penn State fans are sending death threats to a running back for transferring to another school.  That kind of explains what has happened to Penn State – doesn’t it?

President Obama is richer than most of us.  Mitt Romney is richer than Obama.  This November, pick your poison.

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