Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Same-Sex Marriage and the Episcopalian Church

Christianity has operated within the boundaries established by Scripture since its beginning.  While different groups may argue over some of the lesser points, there are core beliefs that all Christian groups share in common; one of those being the institution of marriage.

Marriage is an institution established by God Himself to join one man with one woman.  It is the very foundation upon which society is built.  Of the world’s three greatest institutions – the home, the Church, and the state – the home is the oldest and the most sacred.  This was established in creation, Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

You will notice that God established marriage before the fall of man, which was before Adam and Eve sinned.  The fact that we tarnish marriage through divorce, infidelity, affairs, or co-habitation does not reduce the importance that God places upon His original design.  Nor does our tendency to not do marriage well provide us with just cause for the redefinition of it.  Same-sex marriage included.

Now, if you don’t’ want to submit to the teaching of the Bible, that is your choice and no one is forcing you to.  You are free to choose whatever lifestyle or religion you choose.  But if you choose to identify with Christianity, you do NOT have the freedom to pick and choose which Scriptural commands to obey.  While none of us keeps the commands of God perfectlly, we should, however, at least have the desire to keep them and should be striving towards obedience to them.  All of them. 

On the other hand, if you do not want to submit to the clear demands of Scripture, then why claim to be a Christian?  Feel free to call yourself whatever you want, but it will not be Christianity.

Take for example the Episcopalian church.  This organization has embraced homosexuality as a God-approved lifestyle, ordains gay ministers, and endorses same sex-marriages as a redefinition of the family.  All this is defiance to the Bible. 

I am certain I do not understand the intensity of difficulty that same sex attraction must present to those affected by it.  However, I do know that it is never easy to be told that what you want is contrary to what God wants for you.  I know this because I have plenty of other sinful strongholds of my own.  The carnal nature is always in rebellion to God. 

Nevertheless we are called by Scripture to fight against our sinful nature and to submit to God.  Sexuality is at our core and all tendencies associated with sex are hard to overcome.  Almost everyone, including straight people (heterosexuals), experience sexual tendencies that are sinful.  Yet, the difficulty does not relieve us of the responsibility to pursue the right path.

So, Episcopalians and other (Christian) groups that have already compromised God’s Word, or are soon to do so, please understand that by fighting against traditional marriage you are fighting against the very Christ you claim to serve.  It doesn’t wash.  It is at this very point that your pursuit ceases to be Christian.  We would all be better served it you called yourself something else.

God is not fooled.  The church is not fooled.  And neither is society fooled.  Only you are.  The manipulation you do to Scripture can be best compared to a bad comb-over.  Only the bald guy is fooled into thinking it looks good.

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