Thursday, October 25, 2012

Growth Track for 2013

I’ve been working on PCC’s Growth Track with the intention of expanding it.  Currently we offer Seminars 101 and 201.  The expanded Growth Track will include a 301 and 401 seminar.  While this is still a work in process, the working model is shaping up to look something like this:

101 – Discovering the PCC Family

201 – Essentials for Spiritual Growth

301 – Going Deeper:  The Transformed Life

401 – Fully Devoted

I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to understand the components of spiritual growth and maturity.  It is my conviction that believers grow best when a growth track is provided.

The single focus of this process is to make disciples - not merely keep people active in church - with each seminar building upon the other.  Does this mean people will come out of these classes as mature believers?  Of course not.  Spiritual growth involves a variety of experiences and disciplines (such as having a heart that worships God; being connected in vital relationships; experiencing community; using your gifts in service to God; spending time in God’s Word; prayer; sanctification; and having experiential encounters with God, to name a few).  However, the purpose of this growth track is to get people started on the journey and to equip them with the tools necessary for growth.  It’s also designed to teach believers to take “ownership” of their own spiritual development.

The healthiest churches tend to have an actual process for making disciples.  They have clarity about the process.  They move believers intentionally through the process.  And they align the entire church with the process.  This is what our future – 2013 – is beginning to look like.

Discipleship is more important than programs designed to keep people involved and active in the church.  Unless a person has a transformative experience with Jesus Christ, all the programs in the world will not keep that person connected to any church; much less, the Body of Christ.

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