Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump - October 14, 2012

Pace Community Church

Casual Atmosphere, Serious Faith, No Weird Stuff

A good day with the believers at PCC.

Good fellowship, worship, and hang time together with one another.

After church Renae and I had my mother and sister over for lunch.  Enjoyed the family time… and good food.  Renae prepared a feast.

I took my mother and sister over to my garden (I like to show it off) after we ate.  Lots of green leafy vegetables coming in.

Yesterday we picked out first batch of greens…. And cooked them!  Fabulous.

I’ll have more than enough in a moth or so…. Just in time for thanksgiving.

Attendance was off by 40 people.  By just a casual observation I was able to tell it is primarily the result of vacationers enjoying the fall season to the mountains.

I’m good with that.

I’ll even be better with it when I can take a mountain trip myself  :-)

Today’s message was Part 3 of the Samson series – Samson & Delilah – and it was something else.

Next week is the conclusion.  It’s been a good journey.  Unforgettable.

I can’t believe how many newcomers are coming through the front door right now.  It’s very encouraging. 

Looking forward to the month of November:  Dinner on the grounds each Sunday; Baby Dedication Service; Baptism Service; plus the possibility of a couple of guest speakers.  It’s going to be a real relationship-builder in our church family.

Pretty excited.

Calling it a day.

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