Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump – October 7, 2012

Wow!  You should’ve been there.

I say it almost every week, but it was a real good day at PCC.

God’s Spirit is moving.

The stories of life-change I hear each week are very encouraging.  This never gets old.

Really enjoyed the singing too. 

PCC has a really good musical presentation.  There’s great talent on the team.  Most importantly, the team chemistry is very good. 

The message was part 2 of the Samson series.  Everyone really seemed to respond well.   

A lot of people made ‘next step’ commitments.  Hundreds of hands were raised during confession time.

Very excited about the Newcomers Class at the end of the month.

Baby dedication service November 4th.

Also excited about next months baptism service.

Don’t forget, the entire month of November is dinner on the grounds each Sunday after service.

There will be a community Thanksgiving Service at Christ Church (previously known as Harmony Ridge Baptist Church) this year.  The service is on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.  I met with the host pastor, Rob Hadding, and the head of the inter-faith alliance, Doug Homles of Christian Life Church, this week as they were planning the service.  I’m really excited about this year’s event.  I think it will be very enjoyable and a huge success. 

I’m also very encouraged at the leadership theses two pastors are taking in fostering unity, cooperation, and fellowship among the churches in our area.

BTW, as the date gets closer I plan to make a big push in our Sunday morning services for our congregation's participation.

Looking forward to having some coffee and pie after the event too.  :-)

The combined ushers/security team of PCC is planning to have a get-together soon.  We’re thinking of having a Chili Cook-off with the guys.

Philip Polk has been doing an exceptional job on keyboard the last few months.  He’s really stepped it up the past two weeks filling in for Renae so she could have couple of Sunday’s off.

I love the diversity of talent and leadership at PCC.

This is a sign of what our future looks like.  Yes, even including my role.

Very excited about 2013.  I think it will be a breakthrough year for us… on several fronts.

My fall garden is taking off!  I’ll post a few pictures in a couple of weeks.

This hobby gives me a lot of enjoyment.

I never got around to planting my blueberry bushes last year.  But I finally got around to establishing a planting site this weekend.  I tilled up two long rows/beds with organic matter to raise the acidity level (blueberries like acidic soil).  These two rows will be able to accommodate about 40-50 bushes.

I intend to plant the blueberry bushes within the month.

I also have 9 grape vines, 2 lime trees, 1 lemon tree, and 6 blackberry bushes to plant this fall.

Renae and I went fishing Friday evening after work.  We caught 40-45 mullet with the cast net in 20 minutes time.  It was very exciting.

Loving this fall weather.

Love living in NW Florida.

And I will be soooo glad when the election is over!

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