Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump - December 2, 2012

Very solid day.

The entire day was good.  A home-run in many ways.

Today’s message had an Advent emphasis.

After service we had our fourth covered-dish-fellowship-lunch for seating section 4.  Really had a good time.

Met a first-time visitor today.  Very interesting fact about her:  she has just purchased the property next to the PCC campus – all eighteen-to-twenty acres of it.  She also attended the lunch afterwards.  Very glad to see so many people gravitate towards her and make her feel welcome.

I was also very encouraged by the overwhelming support I received from so many people.  They made it perfectly clear how happy they are with PCC and assured me of their continued support.

This has very positive implications for our future.

2013 is going to be a good year for us.

Within the next week or so there will be a meeting for the children’s ministry of PCC to outline strategy, structure, and shore-up a few gaps in the schedule.  I am also very encouraged by the number of people who stepped forward today indicating their desire to be involved.

On December 23rd, the last Sunday before Christmas, we will be featuring a children’s choir in service.  Practice sessions begin next week.  Stay tuned for details.  The first meeting was held today after church, and a lot of people are very excited about this.  Their enthusiasm was off-the-chart!

Philip Polk and Renee Jones will be leading this effort; who happen to be two very gifted and talented musicians and singers.  You’re going to be very proud to see your kids perform this musical.

The worship team/band of PCC will be leading worship in the Wednesday night teen service during the month of December.  Both the kids & worship team seem to be very excited about this.

Patrick Melton will be speaking the next two weeks in the teen service.  He is very excited too at this new opportunity.  (BTW, Patrick is our primary projection tech in the Sunday morning service.  He is the one who projects all the words to the songs we sing, the videos we view, and the scriptures for the message guide.  This is no small job and is a high-pressure position.  He has served faithfully AND skillfully in the role for a number of years.  We are fortunate to have him because he is such a faithful servant).

This afternoon I spent some time planting Blueberry bushes.  There's a picture below.  Very excited about this.  We love blueberries.


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