Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump – December 23, 2012

Perhaps our greatest service ever!

The theme was Advent.

I don’t know when I have been more encouraged, edified, or flat-out enjoyed myself more than I did today at PCC.

The best part of all?  This was not a church production viewed by a room full of strangers and mere spectators. This was a worship service of friends and family who actually enjoy one-another's company as the family of God and are committed to each other through thick and thin.

We have turned a corner.  Today’s service is an indicator of things to come.

The room was packed to capacity.  We had to bring out extra chairs for seating.  There was standing room only in the back, and we literally had 3 feet or less of floor space between the front row and the stage.    

The children’s chorus was a pure delight… and the worship band hit a home-run.

We received communion at the end of service.  It was one of the most meaningful I’ve experienced in a very long time.

I will not attempt to mention all the people (by name) who helped make the day such a huge success.  But this much I can say:  Our church has some of the finest, most skilled, talented, and dedicated servants I’ve ever seen.

From start-to-finish it was apparent to see that everyone has a contribution to make to the Body of Christ.

Over the years, particularly in the last couple of years, God has sent to this church (or raised up from within us) people who possess gifts that make us whole.

See I Corinthians 12.

The level we operate at right now would not be possible if not for the people who feel ownership with their church.  They get involved with actual ‘hands on’ ministry.

PCC really does have fertile ground where people can get deeply rooted, grow up, flourish, and be fruitful.

That’s called discipleship... and it brings honor to God.

The servants who helped pull off today’s service were some of the most visible; but the are not the only ones who make PCC’s ministry possible.  There are many more people who operate behind-the-scenes whose role is just as important.  And I mean it.  Nor does it go unnoticed.

It should be apparent that PCC is not about only me, or just two or three others.  The number of other leaders is obvious.

I really enjoyed having Gene Tharp and Scott Denny assist me today in the Advent Scripture Readings.  They both did a great job.  Gonna be using them in 2013.

Phillip Polk busted it on keyboard during the offertory.  I only wish I had my camera to take his picture at that moment, but by then I was already on the stage and had left it in my chair on the front row.  Not only does he play very good, he enjoys playing – visibly so.

It was contagious.  I was ready to do cart-wheels.

Today’s service was so encouraging and uplifting.  All the components were well-done.  At some point I had the feeling that “it felt just right.”  That’s why I mentioned that point just before Communion.

It really did feel “just right.”  We put everything into today’s effort so that you could be released to be "off" and with your family for the rest of the day, for tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and Tuesday (Christmas Day).

I value family time.  I think a lot of people in the PCC congregation do too.  As long as I am the senior pastor of this church I will make it a high priority to respect and honor family time for our church members.  I will never ask people to forsake their family by asking you to commit yourself to too many church activities or services.

Yes, we could have had an month-long Christmas Musical Production running several nights a week, but it would have only left our workers completely exhausted and stressed out. 

We will always maintain margin in our church schedule, and I will go to the mat with anyone who wants to bloat our church calendar with too many activities (that compete with family time).

FOR THE RECORD:  We are a medium-sized church (which means we are able to offer more than a small church, but will never be able to offer as much as a mega-church.  Nor will we try).  PCC offers great programs, exceptional worship services, opportunities for fellowship, places to serve, insightful teaching, and environments to meet and make new friends.  There’s plenty for people to choose from.  Beyond that, you should be “self-feeders” and spend time with your family.

Sheri Ward left this comment on Facebook:  Thank you for all you do.  The service at PCC this morning was all I needed it to be and more.  I am so thankful.  It was thoughtful, joyful, and comforting today.  Merry Christmas! 

Cathy Denny said on Facebook:  Today’s Advent service was just awesome… it was great to worship in God’s House today.

Courtney Brooks said on Facebook:  So excited to see my sweet daughter on stage this morning singing, and my sweet boy is playing baby Jesus! :-)

Had a great lunch last Friday with our clean team. They get the building ready for Sunday each week.

A special shout-out to the children’s workers who serve so faithfully each Sunday; especially today.    

Next Sunday’s message:  “How to Make a Fresh Start in 2013”

A few weeks after that will be our annual State of the Church Address.

My hope for you and your family is to have a blessed Christmas this year.  Stay home as much as possible.  Spend time with your family.  Be safe when on the highways.  Be especially safe if traveling.

After Christmas, I will be very active on my blog.  I’ve been slow the past couple of weeks.  That’s over – it’s time to come out.

Nothing but good things are in our future. 

PCC is going to be busting new territory next year.


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