Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump - December 9, 2012

Wow.  Attendance jumped by more than one hundred people today!

God is really up to something.

Very encouraged by the new people coming in.  I’ve met a lot of new folks the past couple of weeks.

Especially encouraged at the turnout for the Children’s Workers Meeting after service.  The room was packed to capacity with parents, volunteers, and new volunteers.

Seems like people are pouring out of the woodwork right now.

Some high capacity people have stepped forward to fill all sorts of positions.

We have some amazing people at PCC.  Their dedication, support, commitment, and "can do" attitude is impressive.

God is really up to something.

Things are really fixing to take off.

Big changes improvements are coming next year too.  A lot of things are in the works right now to make that happen.

More about that later.

Christina Hatmaker nailed the offertory.  Who knew she could sing so good!  Christina has attended PCC since elementary school with her family and is now in college.

Today’s message title was “Living Between the Times” and dealt specifically with the subject of Advent.  I think it was very informative to a lot of people in our congregation.  There are some very nice comments on Facebook.

I’m really enjoying the month of December thus far, and hope to make the most of the holiday season.  I’m in the mood for it.  One thing I will not do is get stressed out or try to do too much.  I’ve got margin in my schedule.  I’m going to maintain a manageable pace, not speed up; and will make right choices about God, family, and friends.

December 19th is the Teen/Youth Bonfire.  Families are invited & encouraged to attend.

December 23rd, is our special Christmas service which will include a Children’s Christmas Chorus, Advent readings, and receiving of Communion.

Great Opportunity:  Next Sunday we're taking family photos in front of the Christmas Tree or in the children's hallway.  If you'd like your photo taken, just step up.  We'll provide free copies to you.

I'll be active on my blog this week.  Be sure to check back in.

Gotta go.  Having company over for dinner.  Really looking forward to it.

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