Friday, January 18, 2013

News About this Blog....

I’m going to implement a new schedule for my blog.  It will help me to stay focused, offer a broader range of insights, plus bring balance.  Here’s what might look like in the near future:

Sunday – Sunday Mind Dump.  This is a recap of the day’s events at PCC, and has always been one of the most read pages on my blog over the years.  I will continue to do this, however, it might become blended with a new feature on Monday instead (see below).

Monday – The Top Three Things God Did Yesterday (Vision Fulfillment).  I will focus on the PCC congregation about the great things I saw, felt, heard, or experienced the previous day.

Tuesday – The Church Staff, Volunteers, and Workers.  This will be an opportunity to promote our key players and those who serve so faithfully each week.  I might showcase ministry leaders (by name, with their permission) and talk about the kingdom impact being accomplished.  I will talk about successes, productive meetings, times of prayer, and promote upcoming initiatives.

Wednesday – Core Values.  This will be a great mid-week reminder about the importance of living out the core values of PCC, avoiding mission drift, and a variety of other “in house” matters. 

Thursday – What’s Happening This Sunday.  I’ll try to give a preview of the upcoming weekend services, the sermon, and special presentations.  This is a great opportunity to remind people of what God is going to be dong in peoples lives in just a couple of days.  I’ll encourage everyone to bring a friend or guest, especially the unchurched. 

Friday – Personal Information.  Very few people get to interact with the pastor after service, but everyone wants to feel like they know their pastor.  This blog is a great opportunity for me to be transparent and share personal information about myself, such as hobbies, family, and other happenings.  It will give people an insight into who I really am when I’m off the stage.

Okay, that’s a tall order.  It means six posts a week.  I won’t be able to do all of this immediately, but it is something I will grow into.  Along the way I might need to adjust it and settle on an amended schedule.  At any rate, this should be a better format for me to follow because it provides actual structure.  I’m hopeful that it will increase the ministry effectiveness of PCC too.

I’m very encouraged about the future of PCC in 2013.

PS – This Sunday

I’m beginning a new message series this Sunday based upon the book of I Timothy entitled Doing Church God’s Way.  This series has the potential of being a game-changer for us.

The books of 1st Timothy, along with 2nd Timothy and Titus, are called the Pastoral Epistles.  They are given that name because they were addressed to two of Paul’s sons in the faith – Timothy and Titus – who were pastors.  Timothy was in charge of the church at Ephesus, and Titus led the church on the Island of Crete.

They are written to pastors, about pastors, and anyone who is interested in being a pastor.  They also contain a wealth of information about church life, such as:  church organization, church leadership, public worship, the qualifications of church leaders, how to confront sin the church, the care of widows, virgins, family life, the role of women, backsliders, heretics, how to handle money, and the treatment of individuals, old and young alike.  Wow!

PCC will never be the same after this series. 

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