Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Mind Dump - Feb 24, 2013

Hands down, it was one of my favorite services.

Things were just clicking, and that is always a good thing.

Attendance was way up, there was strong energy in the service, the call to worship was well-done, and the music was exceptional.  Everything was very uplifting.

I just love seeing all the young couples and families attending PCC.  It seems like there are more than ever before right now.

This is very, very exciting for me.

I met two new couples this morning – the men are flight students – both in the Marines.  Great people.

This morning’s message was about how to treat elderly men… younger men… older women… younger women… and widows in the church.  Really enjoyed it.

We have been very blessed with some very talented musicians and singers at PCC.

The weather this afternoon was splendid.  This is why we live in NW Florida.

Do you ever look around at the people in your life and realize that you are surrounded by some great people?  If you can do that, you are fortunate beyond measure.

Hosted our 201 seminar tonight.  We had a very good turnout.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy the event.  Also had a great team of people who prepared the meal.  All around a great day.

Forgot to take pictures. 

Tomorrow is day 21 of my intermittent fasting.  My body is beginning to adapt and it’s getting easier.  Almost feels like a new normal.  Weight drop has finally started – it took a couple of weeks to see movement on the scale.

It’s 10:20 p.m.  I’ve been at it all day long.  Time to call it a wrap.   

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