Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Mind Dump - Feb. 3, 2013

Holy Mackerel!

Service lasted 1 ½ hours.  Prayer-time at the end was powerful.  The Holy Spirit was moving in a special way too.

Today’s message was from I Timothy 2 – “Instructions for Worship.”

We talked about:  (1) Prayer (2) Praying for the lost and national leaders (3) Personal Purity (4) Lifting Holy Hands (5) Proper Adornment, and (5)  The role of women (i.e, their subjugation or liberation – depending on your perspective).

Next week we will be talking about elders and deacons.

Philip Polk nailed it with the closing prayer.  I could feel myself being pulled in to the moment as we were praying our community, neighboring churches, the lost, for one another, and yes, even for our president.  It felt so right to do that.

It felt good to do that as a church.

I was also glad to see hundreds of people standing on their feet, with raised hands, and faces towards heaven during that time.

It was a very powerful way to close the service.

I think a lot of people will have more liberty to raise their hands in service (during worship and prayer time) now that we better understand what uplifted hands means.

Really enjoyed the music.

Also enjoyed the men’s quartet for the offertory.    I even heard some harmony parts.

Looking over the commitment cards, I noticed that more people committed to Christ (or believed unto salvation).  There’s been a steady of this for the past several weeks.

God is really up to something.

I even met a young lady today who is originally from Brazil.  I love the fact that our congregation is so diverse. 

My prayer, my hope, is that 2013 is going to be the best year ever for the Church… as well as for Pace Community Church.


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