Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Five

1.  This Sunday we are receiving Communion.  It’s Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week – a week designed to focus our attention on the “passion” or sufferings of Christ.  I'll give a breif talk (10-15 minutes) about the final four days of Jesus' life before we receive the bread and wine.  You can experience Christ in the elements.  This service is going to be powerful and memorable.

2.  Margin.   It’s the new watchword for my life.  I need it for mental heath, balance, and rejuvenation.  And it’s working.

3.  The series on first Timothy – Doing Church God’s Way – was one of the most important message series I have ever taught at PCC – not that it appealed to most people, because it didn’t.  Rather, it was solid instruction for our church.  It firmly established – with Biblical authority – rather than the traditions of man – how churches are to be led and what the role of each person is.  This series is going to have strong implications for the future of PCC too.

The message titles were:
What’s a Pastor to Do?
God’s Answer for My Guilt
Instructions for Worship
A Checklist for Church Leaders
Command and Teach These Things
Family Matters
Restoring Biblical Leadership
Good Employees, Bad Teachers, Contentment, & the Love of Money
Clear Commands for Godliness

4.  The Word of God should govern churches – rather than denominational traditions.  Those kinds of traditions are nothing more than the hardened lava of men’s ideas that has flowed down from Mt. Opinion and became solidified over time… and, in some people’s minds, has the same status as Holy Scripture.  Good grief. 

5.  I took two days off this week – being Spring Break – and spent a great deal of time in my garden.  Really enjoyed it.   

See you Sunday!

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