Thursday, March 28, 2013

Giving Kiosk

More and more people in the PCC family have been asking us about offering more options for donations.  Currently we receive an offering on Sunday mornings (which is the traditional method), and offer an online option through our church’s website.

In an effort to serve our church family better, we are considering offering a third option – a giving kiosk, that would be set up in the atrium.  It’s a convenient way to tithe and contribute.  Plus, it’s easy to use – much easier than our web site.

There are a number of reasons why a giving kiosk makes sense. 

First of all, most people do not carry cash or checkbooks any more, relying instead on electronic transactions.  Paper currency is almost a thing of the past – as are paper checks – but everyone carries their bank card. It makes perfect sense to utilize the same technology that everyone is already using.

Second, it’s simpler. 

Third, you can make contributions any time – before the service, after service, or sometime during the week, instead of having to rely upon a five minute widow during service using an tithing envelope.

Fourth, it saves time on “book work.”  A lot of time is required for counting, posting, logging in, and depositing the Sunday collection.  Every dollar that is given in the Sunday collection is documented.  It’s the law.  In light of this, the giving kiosk could be an invaluable tool.  Not only is it convenient, but once the electronic transaction is completed, each party has a record of the transaction.  Time saved in the manual process is worth considering.

Q & A

What is a kiosk?  It’s like an ATM, except it does not contain any cash.  It's merely a card swipe machine... much like you use when you go to the store.

Doesn’t a giving Kiosk (or online giving for that matter) remove the worship aspect of giving?  Worship is a matter of the heart, not methodology.  2 Corinthians 9:7 tells us that each man should give what he has purposed in his heart… for God loves a cheerful giver.  God is more concerned with your generosity than how you bring the gift back to Him.

Can I still give the traditional way?  Yes.  We will have three options of giving:  Drop it in the bag, online at, or swipe your bank card at the Kiosk.

Doesn’t PCC teach against the reckless use of credit cards and unsecured debt?  Yes we do.  Credit card abuse leads to all sorts of trouble for some people.  If you are carrying heavy credit card debt, please do not use a credit card for your giving.  The giving kiosk will accept debit cards for those who struggle with credit card debt.  However, we also recognize there are some people who are very disciplined in the use of credit cards  – they use their credit cards and pay off the balance each month – which makes them God-honoring stewards of God’s blessings.

Is there a transaction fee?  There is no charge to the donor for using a kiosk.

Is the kiosk secure?  Yes.

Why are you considering using the kiosk option?  It’s simply another way to give.  Like banks, retail businesses, and other organizations who accept bank cards, checks, cash, or electronic transactions, we’ve chosen to provide our people with the same options when it comes to giving to their church.

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Anonymous said...

Just last Sunday a faithful PCCer asked me if we could accept her debit card here at the church in order for her to give her tithe/offering. I was glad to tell her that we are exploring a giving kiosk even now. Like many others, she didn't have her checkbook with her that morning but wanted to remain faithful in her support. I think it would be very beneficial for us ... and the next time I reach in my checkbook and discover that I'm out of checks, I too can reach for my debit card and still give. DEFINITELY worth moving forward on.