Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Mind Dump – March 31, 2013 (Easter)

I had a feeling today would be a good day at PCC.

It was.

Attendance jumped by 165 people over last week.  It felt good to see such a full room and to preach the gospel to so many unlearned people.  I’m really in my element doing that.

Philip Polk nailed it in the opening when he said that PCC is one of the friendliest churches he’s ever seen.

The Bible is full of admonitions of hospitality and servanthood.  I’m so thankful that PCC makes the extra effort – all 52 Sunday’s a year – to welcome people and calm their fears… especially on a Sunday like today.

This singers hit it out of the park.  We have some of the best musical talent to be found anywhere… and yet, it never feels like a production or a show.  It’s real, authentic, and down to earth.

One elderly lady said to me this afternoon, “Preacher, sometimes you do better than other times… and today was one of those days you did good.”


I met a lady today at a family gathering.  She attends another church in the area.  When I asked her where she atteded, she told me, and immediately began to brag about her church, her pastor, and her church family.  It is SO REFRESHING to meet church members who speak highly of their church’s and their pastor’s – especially when it is so common to hear members talk down about their churches.  We thank God for such people.  I contacted her pastor this afternoon and told him all the nice things she said.  He really appreciated it.

It makes my skin crawl to hear people talk ugly about their church.

Another pastor in the area contacted me to let me know that he and his congregation prayed for PCC this morning in their service.  We thank God for these people too.

If more pastors and churches would form a wall of solidarity among themselves, there would be less competition and more kingdom advancement.  Plus, it would limit the “reshuffling of the deck” that is so common in their area.

I’m glad to say that there are a group of pastors who have agreed together among ourselves that this is the best way to influence the community.

This is a good thing.

It was a fun day at PCC.  Great crowd, great worship, and hopefully lots of life change.  The gospel was preached, God was honored, Christ was exalted, and the saints edified. 

Next Sunday we begin a new message series on the book of James.

I will not be teaching this series by myself.  It will be presented in a team-teaching effort… using other gifted men.

You may not know this, but we have five pastors (with experience as senior pastors) who are part of the PCC congregation.  Additionally, we have two laymen who are gifted teachers themselves.

I’m absolutely spent after such a big day, but so proud of all that happened.  Hundreds in attendance and AMAZING volunteers pulled it off.

Only three words really matter, and they are three that changed the world:  He is risen!

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