Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Factoids

1.  This Sunday’s message is:  Trials – Getting Through the Tough Stuff, based on James 1:1-12.  After getting off to a good start last week with the series introduction, we will begin to dig deeper into this book and unpack its truths.  This Sunday’s message is going to be a real encouragement and very insightful.  The key thought is this:  real faith perseveres.

2.  Why I love the ministry.  For those of us who are called to ministry in the local church, no other vocational pursuit will satisfy.  If you are called, truly called, then nothing else will compare.  Sure, sometimes it tough.  I’ve felt like quitting more times than I can count.  But I know if I ever do, I would always want to come back. 

I would miss:
  • Getting a terrific idea for a series and having the ability to develop it and teach it.
  • Coming upon a nugget of scriptural insight, tethered to language and historical insights, and being able to share it.
  • Living in full community with others.
  • Being a leader, and being able to advance God’s kingdom.
  • Being free to pursue the Great Commission with vigor.
  • Being on the front lines of impacting lives – not just talking about life change but seeing it, experiencing it, and making it happen as I cooperate with the Holy Spirit.
3.  Next week on this blog I will begin a series on Deacons – that is, rogue deacons. Some churches are deacon possessed and need an exorcism.  Posting daily.

4.  Holy cow.  My garden is taking off.  The rain last night did wonders.  I can’t wait to post pictures.

5.  Today’s schedule:  Vigorous workout. Help volunteers clean building. Appointment.  Review Sunday’s message.  Visitation.  Chase Renae around the house.  Busy day.  :-)

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