Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Blog-Blast!

1.  This Sunday Greg Gill will be speaking, taking the next section of scripture from the book of James.  The topic will be about not showing favoritism in the church.  You’ll want to be there for sure.  Greg is an engaging speaker and I’m certain you’ll enjoy his talk and will be edified by God’s Word.

2.  I will be speaking the following two Sundays.

3.  On Mother’s Day I might take a break from the James series to preach a message entitled, Why Men Hate Going to Church.  Usually on Mother’s Day we hear a message on womanhood, mothers, or the Proverbs 31 woman, which is entirely appropriate.  However, since the building is likely to be full of men who come only two or three times a year, I thought it might be a good idea to speak directly to them (in a language they can relate to, addressing their concerns about church attendance, challenging them with the gospel, and to step up).

4.  If I don’t teach this message on Mother’s Day, it can wait for a later day.  If you would like your man to hear this on Mother’s Day, let me know.  I’d like your feedback.

5.  As a strategy for PCC’s future, my intent is to specifically target men, challenge men, and develop them for leadership and spiritual maturity.

6.  I just might devote a sermon series to the topic.

7.  Changing the subject.  It is music to my ears when a stranger walks into the church offices and asks, “Is the minister here?” and I hear the reply in the hallway, “I am one of them.  Can I help you?”  Pure-music-to-my-ears.

8.  A church benefits when there is more than one pastor.

9.  My garden is taking off.  Very excited.  Pulled my first garlic yesterday.  Huge.  Very flavorful. 

10.  Speaking of taking off, I’m taking a week off next month for a fishing trip.  Can’t wait.

11.  A lot of good things are happening at PCC.  This church is an exciting place.

12.  God prunes the vine to stimulate new growth (John 15).  Every departure from this church makes room for new growth too.  Some really neat people are stepping up right now, new talent is being deployed, and new fruit is on the vine.

13.  Did you know that the role of a senior pastor changes as the church grows and his tenure  becomes longer?  It does.  Or, it should.  I’m at the life stage right now that a large part of my ministry needs to be devoted to training the next generation of leaders.  I have to be about 2 Timothy 2:2.

14.  I’ll write about this soon.  I’m talking about Pastoral succession.

15.  Don’t forget this Sunday.  It’s going to be a great day.


James Wheelus said...

Comment on Point 3, Give a message on why men ATTEND PCC! If enough time perhaps a short cardboard testimony from men who attend PCC with comments why we attend. My 2 cents!

Ron said...

I like the idea!

In fact, recently I've been thinking it's about time we do another cardboard testimony. We've got'er on the drawing board.

Two other items: A baptism service will be taking place soon, along with a (firt time ever) "all-church" volunteers appreciation day; in which we would showcase all the ministries of PCC and the volunteers who make-it-happen!