Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Churches that Start for the Wrong Reasons

When a new church is planted in a community, it can be a good thing.  New churches can grow faster and reach more people than established churches if their focus is right.  However, many new churches start for the wrong reasons.  Here are five:

1.  The new church is a negative reaction to a former church.  Thus, the very reason the new church exists is because of negative overtones.  Therefore the DNA of the new church is filled with negativity from the very beginning.

2.  The pastor of the new church recruited, solicited, or pilfered the pews of a neighboring church to get started.

3.  Bad feelings and ill-will exists between two churches.

4.  The new church begins with a negative reputation in the community.  i.e., It was a ‘split’ or ‘took members’ or ‘fought’ with a previous church.  Those are the kind of words that damage the reputation of a church that is trying to reach its community, making it handicapped from its inception.

5.  The new church is a magnet for disgruntled people from other churches.

All five of these reasons will hinder a new church.  It will flounder in mediocrity and ineffectiveness until there is a better vision.  Plus, God’s blessings simply cannot rest on the new work in His fullness until there is repentance for the sin committed. 

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