Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sunday Mind Dump - April 14, 2013 (Tuesday Edition)

Sunday was a solid day. 

I really enjoyed the children’s chorus.  They did a good job.  It always lifts your heart to see the kids sining.

The new song the worship team introduced was very good too.

Attendance was off about 30 people – mostly sick and a few families who were out of town.

The rain was kind of a bummer, but I’m glad it held off until service was over.  If it had rained Sunday morning like it did Sunday afternoon our attendance would have been affected.  The bottom fell out.

The message was on James 1:1-12.  The key thought was that real faith perseveres.  Those who love the Lord persevere.  Perseverance reveals that our faith is genuine.  True faith survives.

I’ll write about this topic in the near future.

People seemed to hang around after church for a long time.  I really like seeing that.  It means they enjoy one another’s company.  Many go out together for lunch – another good sign.

SUMMER CAMP:  The teenagers are going to Ft. Pickens in June for Summer Camp.  Yes, they are actually camping in the outdoors.  Should be lots of fun.

I spent some time in my garden yesterday.  Finally got everything planted.  Now I just have to watch it grow.  Got a few pictures posted below.

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