Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Because We've Given them Time

When we first began PCC, and for years afterwards, I thought it was important to fill the calendar and offer multiple church events, meetings, classes, and groups throughout the week; particularly evening events.  Most of our congregation now prefers family time and personal time more than anything else.  After all, people are very, very busy.  They work 40-plus hours a week, both spouses usually work, and the kids are scattered all over the place.  The last thing some people need (or want) is more events to attend and demands on their time.

The biggest compliment I’ve been given recently came from a relative newcomer to PCC.  He asked, “How is it that everyone seems to be so enthusiastic about the Lord and excited about this church when you offer only one service on Sunday, don’t have Sunday School classes or an organized small groups ministry, or even a Sunday night service?”

“Because we’ve given them the time” I replied.

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