Friday, August 23, 2013

Simple Life

Sobered by the economy and exhausted after a lifetime of running the rat race, I think I’ve had enough.  The idea of living a simpler life is very appealing to me.  I’m ready for a change.

Simple living is freedom from excess stuff and over-consumption.  It’s living in a way that is outwardly simple, yet inwardly rich.  It means becoming a minimalist; owning less but living more.

I don’t need gourmet coffee makers, perfect-fitting shirts, or collectible salt-and-pepper shakers.  I’m teaching myself to be free of the burden of having too much.  I’m deliberately trying to whittle down my “want” for possessions to what is essential.  I don’t need a large home, full of things, moving them here and there, endlessly dusting.  Neither do I want to pay utility bills to heat and cool rooms I never use.

To live free, I will have to let go of some things – the excess  stuff.  I want to explore, walk on trails through the woods, and kayak.  I want healthy friendships and safe people in my life.  I want to grow spiritually.  To be quiet inside... and to laugh hard.

How many televisions and channels does a person need?  How many apps for the iphone?  Do I need a closet full of clothes that never get worn? 

Simple living is a voluntary choice of reducing expenses and possessions so that you can be free to pursue experiences; things like spirituality, better health, personal interests, better friends, and quality time for family.

Go Small… Think Big… and Live More

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