Thursday, September 26, 2013


Renae and I have settled-in to our new living arrangements.  It’s comfortable and we’re enjoying the stay with my mother.

We finally got our house plans submitted to a draftsman.  We sketched out the floor plan ourselves, but now it’s up to the draftsman to make the official plans and get the engineering done.  Once that is completed, we can submit them to the county permit office for approval and pull our permits.

We are very pleased with the floor plan we’ve designed.  It’s tailored specifically for the two of us.

We’ve put most of the emphasis in the kitchen area and the master suite – the two areas where we spend most of our time.

Plus, we will have a front porch (actually a corner porch that wraps around two sides) and a Florida room on the back.  We spend as much time outdoors as we do inside, so this will be a nice feature for us.

The house will only be a two bedroom.  We’ve put the square footage in the kitchen, master suit, and porches.

The extra bedroom will be enough for overnight guests, such as the grandchildren to spend the night, but will prevent anyone from moving in with us long term. 

Smiley face goes here.

I’ve been practicing with my cast nets the last few weeks and have gotten a lot better.  I am ready to do some serious mullet fishing.

Red Snapper season opens next week.  I hope to catch a few of those too.  They are some of the best fish you can eat (besides fresh mullet, of course).

During the month of October I plan to go fishing as much as possible. 

October is a good time to fish – the temperatures are mild, the water clears up and gets oxygenated, and the fish are very active!  The inshore waters are teeming with life.  It’s amazing to see.

I’ve seen more porpoises in the last couple of years (in the local waters) than I have ever seen in my life around here.  It’s exciting to see them feeding on mullet.

I might make an attempt at shrimping too.

Low Country Boil – that’s what’s in my future.

This weekend I will begin planting my fall garden.  Lot’s of greens: mustard, collards, turnips, kale, lettuce, and cabbage. 

Might try carrots again.  I did real good with them last year.

I still don’t have internet at home, so adding new posts to my blog is still slow. 

Right now it’s Thursday, 4:10 p.m. and I’ve just finished my work, so I can take the time to write from the office.

When I get an internet connect at home, my blogging activity will resume its normal pace – about 4-5 postings each week.

Thanks for staying in touch.

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