Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Mind Dump - October 20, 2013

Holy cow!

That was one of the best sermons I have heard in a long time!

Pastor Gary Weighborg (wee-burg) did an exceptional job teaching from Matthew 18. 

The message was: Restoring Broken Relationships Jesus’ Way.  Gary covered the entire chapter emphasizing that theme, and keeping things in context. 

Splendidly done.

He talked about pride, humility, faith, restoration, forgiving others and the forgiveness of God.

Furthermore, the conviction of the Holy Spirit was present.  People were deeply moved.  Me included.

I expect some people in our church family will experience healing in their relationships.

I especially liked this thought he offered after reading the story of the unmerciful servant:  If Jesus can forgive me of everything, then I can forgive others of anything.

It should be apparent that our teaching team is really beginning to shape up.  These gifted teachers who assit me are a gift to the Body of Christ and the PCC family.

Our church is about to go to a another level.

Phillip and Carla Polk did a good job on the offertory too.  They are a husband and wife team and a real asset to PCC.

That man can play the piano.

I love poking at him by saying, “I can do that” when everyone knows I can’t.

Plan to go fishing this week.  You can't catch fish if you don't go... so I'm staying with it and plan to be there when the mullet run begins.  Hopefully the cooler weather this week will improve things.

Soon I with catch the mother load. 

When I do, a bunch of them will have James Wheelus' name written on them.  That's because James has a smoker - and knows how to cook/smoke/ like nobody's business - and word is, he knows how to smoke mullet.  (:-)

Dear Robert & Donnie, I'll try save you some... even though you're going to be in the mountains next weekend (;>)

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