Friday, November 8, 2013

Update on Renae

The doctors have determined that Renae has two conditions related to her thyroid:

(1) Her thyroid is hyper-active (more than double the rate of normal), and, (2) she has a growth on the thyroid (either a tumor or goiter).

This week she has been undergoing additional tests to rule out cancer.  She will be at Baptist Hospital today for a final round of tests and scans.

Once the growth is identified, she will be undergoing surgery to have the tumor and her thyroid removed.  The surgery will be very soon.

Today she woke up experiencing pressure on her eyes, along with slightly blurred vision, which is a condition directly related to her thyroid.  This is addition to all the other painful symptoms she has been enduring for the last few months.

This is becoming very, very complicated.

Aside from the immediate concern of the thyroid and tumor, we are also concerned about her vision and future singing ability.

Prayers appreciated.

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