Sunday, December 22, 2013

America's Coming Collapse

The elements will melt with fervent heat,
and all the world will be burned up.
(2 Peter 3:10)
America’s collapse is inevitable.  Just a causal glance at history or an in-depth study of Biblical prophecy, and all doubt is erased.

Kingdoms rise and fall, and God sovereignty controls the destiny of nations.

It is the height of folly and silliness to believe that we can continue on our current trend without eventually reaping irreversible consequences.  Those of us who live in America – with all its prosperity – have been conditioned to believe that the tenacity of the American spirit will ultimately triumph over every adversity we face.  Naively, we believe, “all things will continue as they have since our forefathers have fallen asleep”  (2 Peter 3).

Yet, a simple reading of the Bible tells us that America’s days are numbered. All the nations of the world are in God’s righteous Hand.  (See 1 John 2:17; 2 Peter 3:10; Revelation 21:1).

After you read those verses, notice that America’s “exceptionalism” (the idea that we are superior to any other nation that exists or has ever existed) will not exempt our nation from the ultimate destruction that is coming upon the entire world.

Furthermore, the Bible reveals that all national distinctions will cease to exist under the reign of a world dictator, (known in the Bible as the Antichrist), meaning (most likely) that the United States Constitution will be abolished.

This world dictator will rise to world power without a vote by the American people, and he will abolish our most cherished freedoms, demanding that he alone be worshipped (or receive our allegiance).  Such an usurpation of power can only occur by the cancellation of our Constitution.  And once the Constitution is gone, the United States of America as we have known it will cease to exist.

I must hasten to add, our mission as the Church is not to slow down the decay of society or to “take back our nation” that has become so popular to proclaim in religious circles nowadays.  Our mission is to “make disciples” – as many as possible -  before the Lord returns and the apocalypse occurs.  God is calling us, the Church and every believer, to stand up, to speak up, to be a light in a dark place, and to push back against the tide of unrighteousness.  In other words, we need to stand for the principles we know to be true.

Now, I fully realize that suggesting that God will curse any nation or people that sanctions immorality, or legalizes perversion is anathema in today’s culture of diversity.  We have been indoctrinated to believe that religious and moral pluralism (i.e., the belief that all belief systems and lifestyles are equally valid and to be accepted) is the great strength of our nation.  It is, in fact, the greatest weakness of our nation.

What Americans celebrate as diversity, God often condemns as idolatry and perversion.  Not only will the current trend naturally lead to the breakdown of the family and society, God Himself condemns and will eventually judge what we embrace.  Take God out of the picture, and you still have a society in a death spiral.  Put God back in the picture, and you have a final judgment.  Either way, the end is horrific.

I think the reason that so many Americans are alarmed and frightened about the condition of our country is because we are so focused on personal peace, prosperity, and avoidance of pain.  It’s no wonder we are so fearful of Muslims, health-care reform, government mismanagement of money, and open hostility to all things Christian.  Earth-bound Christians realize that their private world is about to be turned upside down.  After all, if the focus of your life is money, comfort, and prosperity, then current affairs are about to give you a heart attack.

My suggestion is for believers everywhere to watch less cable news and read your Bibles more so that you can gain God’s perspective on the world. 

Your answer is not found by merely changing channels, but to change your focus.

 Make no mistake about it – it’s all coming to an end eventually.

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