Monday, January 13, 2014


The New York Times suggests calling it the McVictim Syndrome – the rush to find a scapegoat for America’s obesity epidemic.  We’re getting fatter, so we must find someone to blame.

McVictimization teaches Americans to think that obesity is someone else’s fault – and therefore, someone else’s problem to solve.

The truth is, in the vast majority of cases we just eat too much and make poor choices.

But finding a scapegoat isn’t unique to the obesity epidemic.  It’s become one of our most cherished crutches for any problem we encounter.  i.e., We make a bad choice, by our own free will, and we look for someone or something to blame as if we are merely the victims of circumstance.

It’s my parent's fault…
It’s the school's fault…
It’s the preacher's fault…
It’s the government’s fault…

Ad infinitum

By convincing yourself that you are a victim, you are guaranteed to have no progress, no healing, and no victory. If you continue to cling to the belief that the problem can’t be your fault, you will never create lasting change in yourself.

Your flight from personal responsibility will prevent you from putting the bit in your mouth, yanking the reins, and going to work on controlling your life and actions.

Your best chance of getting better is to stop blaming others.

You have to own it.  All of it.

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