Sunday, March 30, 2014

Could We Be a Larger Church?

Yes, PCC could be larger than we are now.  There are certain things we could do to accelerate our growth and make us very large.

And I am glad that we have never resorted to any of them.

For example:

  • We’ve never done a helicopter egg drop
  • I’m glad we have never catered to transfer growth
  • I’m also glad that we do not promote talent over integrity
  • I’m glad that no one on our church staff has sacrificed their family for the sake of the church.  (That’s how I preach it from the pulpit, and I model it in my own life).
  • I’m also glad that the pulpit ministry of PCC (either by me or another) is solidly Biblical and orthodox.  We have never presented a “lite” gospel that reduced Jesus to a personal life coach.  We present Him as Lord and the Sovereign One to be obeyed.

If we had used these tactics I’m certain we would be much larger than we are right now.  There are some things we cannot do. 

I have dedicated myself to the depth of this ministry and simply allow the Lord to determine its breadth.  

The "Lord's Day" is about honoring THE LORD.  No one else.

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