Thursday, March 27, 2014

I've Resumed Intermittent Fasting

Last year in February I began intermittent fasting.  I did it for ten months.  I lost a lot of weight in all the right places (about 15-17) pounds.  My clothes started fitting a better, my energy level went up, I slept better at night, and my stomach stopped being ‘angry’ all the time.

Then in November I relaxed a bit to enjoy holiday foods.  With my appetite cravings under control, I was able to maintain good eating habits during the season.  Throughout the extremely cold months of January and February (when it’s so easy to eat a lot of fattening comfort foods) I ate a lot of soups and stews which helped a lot.  I experienced no significant weight gain – just a few pounds.

I’ve recently started intermittent fasting again and feel great.  It feels good to be in control of my cravings and have dominion over them.  I just get into the whole self-control, self-discipline thing.  I hate being a slave to anything; my appetites included.

Then there’s the health benefit of restricting my caloric intake.  A lot of good things happen in my body when I’m not consuming 3000-4000 unnecessary calories a day.  I’ve been able to increase strength, reduce body fat, and maintain good health.  What’s not to like about that?

If you’d like to know more about intermittent fasting, just do an online search. There’s plenty of info out there and it’s easy to find.

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