Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Healthy Living

I don’t believe Wall Street is more important than the bees that pollinate our food supply. I don’t believe petroleum is more important than clean drinking water. I don’t believe entertainment provided by the dysfunctional Kardashian’s is more important than investing in my own family. And I certainly don’t believe the answer to society’s maladies comes from Washington. Rather, I think our civilization is only as healthy as the earthworms in our soil, our bodies are only as healthy as food we grow and eat, our economy is only as healthy as our personal finances, and our health care begins in our own kitchens and gardens.

Why would I want to be surrender myself to a system that promotes disempowerment, and corporate and governmental dependency?  If wellness comes from drugs rather than our gardens, we’ll spend more money on drugs.  If our homesteads heal us emotionally, physically, and spiritually, what need do we have of so much health care in the first place?

Getting back to basics.

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