Friday, May 16, 2014

Staccato Preaching

Preacher, stop yelling and talking so fast.  It’s unnerving.  And unnecessary. 

Fast talk, loudness, rapid-fire delivery, and overpowering theatrics take away your listeners’ ability to think about what you’re saying.  All that demonstration is distracting.  And it feels like you're attacking people.

The staccato delivery of some preachers – of some entire denominations – is a wonder to me.

It’s not in the Bible.

They’re clearly learning it from one another.

As though people in the Bible imitated Jacob’s limp or Moses’ lisp.

Come on, guys.  Stop it.

Nowhere in Scripture do we see Jesus shifting into oratorical overdrive and putting on a show or demonstration for people.  Instead, He talked to them, explained things, and taught them.

Scripture even says He “sat down” to teach.

Stop pacing back and forth on the stage like a caged lion, waving your arms wildly in the air, and trying to wax eloquent.  It’s distracting, immature, and doesn’t add one iota of anointing.

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