Monday, May 26, 2014

Starting a New Venture

I’m an entrepreneur at heart.  I’ve started two businesses.  Then I became a church planter.  I’ve also attempted a couple of ventures that failed.  Throughout this journey I have learned a lot.

Maybe you’re thinking about starting something new – a side business or maybe a second career.  If that’s you, I’d like to offer you three suggestions of the kind of thing you should start.  

#1.  Start Something that Matters.  Starting things is in my DNA.  But as I have grown older I am far more selective about the things that get my time.  I’m only interested in doing the things that really matter.

Just because something is an opportunity doesn’t mean you should do it.  Opportunities are not obligations.  Just because something has a market, doesn’t mean it needs to be your market.

When you’re looking for something to do with your life – a career change, a new venture, or retiring to pursue your interests – make sure you pick something that really matters.  

#2.  Start Something you Love.  Too many people are doing things that someone else loves – working hard to fulfill someone else’s dream or meeting someone else’s expectations.  Life is too short for that.

Find something that really matters – but it also needs to give you a deep sense of fulfillment.  And that goes way beyond money.

#3.  Start Something that Works.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  It's probably the most important thing.  If money is no object, there's no need for you to read any further.  But if you need to make a living, read on.

I know people who are doing something they love, but it just doesn’t work.  It keeps struggling and falling short.  This leads to frustration and failure.

The phrase "starving artist" comes to mind here.

In business, you can’t live on passion alone.  It’s great that you are passionate about your product or business idea, but it also needs to WORK.  Words like market share, market niche, and business plans need to enter your vocabulary.

If you love it, but it doesn’t sustain you, it’s not going to work.

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