Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Mind Dump - May 4, 2014

I was very challenged by today’s message – not only on a personal level and the way I live my own life (regarding idols of the heart) – but also as a preacher and having to say those things.  I believe I was as accurate (and faithful) to the text as I could be, but it is always difficult for me to say challenging things.  And, I always recognize that a sermon like that has the potential for a lot of push back.

That message went through endless revisions.

I always have to remind myself that even Jesus Himself did not please everyone who listened to Him.  And I also have to remind myself that God’s people – those who truly have a sincere heart to please Him – will be receptive to His Word.  If I succeed in edifying none but these, I have accomplished God’s work.  

One man, a father, and a Pensacola Police Officer sent me a private message online asking me to send him the list of values (I mentioned in the sermon) that I would like to pass along to my two sons if I had only five minutes left to live.

Did you know that within PCC's congregation we have people who are not American citizens, or this is not their country of origin. We have people from Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, the Philippines, Germany, England, Australia, and Canada? Plus, we have many people of color who worship at PCC, and even a few inter-racial marriages. This is the flock I am the under-shepherd of and I am very mindful of this diversity, being sensitive to their concerns and perspectives. After service, a lady from the Philippines thanked me profusely for the general tone of the message. If you were there, you know the part. The sacred cows of American religion were skewered.

Facebook is loaded with good comments.

Our Safety Team really stepped it up today.  They had “eyes on” in a potential situation.  The service they provide for me, Renae, and our entire congregation is amazing.  Most people don’t realize the protection they offer us, but Renae and I (among many others) fully understand.  We feel vulnerable (sometimes) in a public setting with so many hundreds of people (in today’s climate of violence). Churches are soft targets for lunatics.  So it feels good knowing that a team of capable men have “got our six.”
BTW, I really like attending PCC.  We really do have a good church family.

This Wednesday evening we are having a Picnic On the Grounds in the PCC Park.  It is a Boston Butt cook-off.  Bring your lawn chairs, some side dishes, something to drink, a good appetite, and a few guests.

We have the best butts in town.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


I’ve had to repair my garden three times this spring; one due to freezing temperatures, and two times as a result of too much rain.

This last rain storm was the worst.  I spent three days (Thursday after work, Friday after work, and all day Saturday) repairing the damage.  But all is good now.

My garden is about to TAKE OFF.

The potatoes are in bloom and thriving.  I should be able to harvest them in 3 or 4 weeks.  I will have hundreds of pounds.

My onion and garlic are doing good too.  The onions are beginning to bulb on the surface.  I always get so excited to see this.  Onions and garlic are grow underground – they take about six months to mature – so I don’t always know what is happening.  So when they being to “show” themselves, I am very pleased.

I have cucumbers and squash putting on right now too.    Very, very pleased.

I think this year’s garden will be my best ever.


We should get our house plans this week for a first review.  After a couple of revisions and engineering, they will be submitted to the county offices for permitting.

Renae and I can’t wait to build our new home.  We’re a little stressed about it, but we are up to the challenge.

We have faced so many mountains together in our lives thus far, that building a home will be doable. 

The more I think about our house plans, the more I like them and the lifestyle they will offer us.

The total square footage is a little larger than I thought we would decide on. But it’s not so big that it’s impractical for us.  Our last home was 1900 sq ft.  The plans we are working on now are about 2300 sq ft.  The extra space is the size of one large room.

In addition, we’ve planned a lot of porch space and a covered carport.  This adds to the total square footage of concrete we have to pay for – so this is where critical decisions have to be made.

The most important thing for us is that we will be living on a five acre parcel and plan to use it for a homestead lifestyle:  gardening, canning, fruit trees, raising chickens, etc.  It will be fun to have the grandchildren over for things like that.  We also look forward to family gatherings and large cookouts with friends.

Even now I take my grandson, Nolan, on tractor rides around the property.  He loves it. 

So do I.

It seems “grandfatherly.”


I’ve gotten my fair share of fishing this spring.  Mostly in the sound, near the pass.  It’s been a lot of fun, but the weather has been challenging.  Too much cold.

With the recent rains, the water is now muddy and full of silt.  It will take weeks to clear up.

Good for me, I have a fishing trip planned for Lake Talquin in three weeks.  We will be fishing for Crappie.  Looking forward to it.

Mostly looking forward to a week out of town.

The cabin we stay in is on a bluff overlooking the lake.  It has a Million Dollar View.  The pure scenery is worth the cost of the trip itself, not to mention the 10,000 acre lake and 20,000 acre wildlife sanctuary surrounding the place.  Both are full of wildlife.  Especially beautiful.


"Dear children, keep yourselves from idols." (I John 5:21).

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