Saturday, June 14, 2014


I picked a cardboard box full of tomatoes this morning.  In this picture are some of the more attractive ones:  Better Boy, Indigo Rose, Yellow Pear, Roma, and Purple Calabash.  I really enjoy the variety.

Renae came with me (she mowed about three acres while I worked in the garden).  I enjoy it immensely when we spend time together out there.  She picked more blueberries too.  An added bonus was that our grandson, Nolan, was with us.

Why Plant a Vegetable Garden?

Vegetable gardening is a favorite pastime for a lot of people.  From patio gardeners, backyard gardeners, large gardens, or large scale farming, more and more people are getting into the dirt of things.

Here’s a few reasons why:
  • Homegrown vegetables are better.  They taste fresher and have higher nutrition since they are harvested closer to their peak ripeness.  Yes, you can tell the difference.
  • Homegrown vegetables usually cost less than if they were bought in the store.  A lost less.
  • Gardening provides a means of exercise, recreation, therapy, and an opportunity to experience closeness to nature. 
  • Statements such as, “Let me show you my garden” or “I grew that” demonstrate how much the gardener enjoys the practice.
Give it a try.  The rewards are immense.  

However, remember to make your garden just large enough so that it will meet your needs but will not become a burden to care for.

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