Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Southern Field Peas

These are heirloom field peas.  Specifically, they are:  knuckle purple hull brown crowders.  The shell is purple when ripe having a knuckle (bumpy) appearance, while the pea on the inside is a brown crowder (very crowded).

They have a stronger flavor than other peas and make a dark pot liquor (or potlikker). 

They've been in my family (on my mothers side) for decades. This is my fourth year of growing them myself (after having been given a handful of seed from my uncle).

Of all that I have experimented with, these are my favorite. I always save the largest space in my garden for this variety. 

After work today I picked this row, brought them home and shelled them.  I will be cooking them tomorrow night.  Can't wait.

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