Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Sunday - Finding Your Lifelong Companion

We have walked with Abraham for the last fourteen weeks (covering a span of six decades of his life).  We have seen him at his best and also at his worst.  We’ve come to appreciate him more and more as the years stack up.  

This Sunday, in Genesis 23, we find him calmly accepting Sarah’s death, mourning his lifelong companion’s departure, then burying her with dignity.  At this pivot, he realizes it’s time for his son Isaac to have a wife.  So Abraham helps his son find his own lifelong companion.

There is an encounter at the well....

What follows is a beautiful story that describes how the Lord led the entire process, ultimately bringing Rebekah to Isaac’s side, the bride God chose for him.  Hidden between the lines of this love story are some all-important guidelines that are as helpful for us today as they were in their ancient, original context.

Are you looking for a lifelong companion?  Do you have children who are dating badly?  On the verge of marriage? 

In this message you will discover from God’s Word (not the latest best seller) the kind of qualities to look for in a lifelong companion.  And btw, those qualities are not merely skin deep.

I have a feeling this message might be the best of the entire series.

PS – Time change is this Saturday night.  Set your clocks backward one hour.

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