Friday, October 10, 2014

This Sunday - Old Habits Die Hard

Who hasn’t felt the sting of repeating the same sin over again… and then, again?  Who has struggled with a lingering habit that just won’t let go?  Let’s face it, bad habits and sinful actions are bad enough the first time around, but a “repeat performance” is downright humiliating!  In fact, many of the issues we wrestle with in our younger years often resurface in midlife causing relapses.

Abraham fell into this cycle, repeating the same sins over again, and failing again.  The record of his repeated failure is permanently etched in Holy Scripture and preserved for our learning.

In this message we will learn why we should never flirt around with our weaknesses, depend on our crutches, or lean to our own understanding.  And, as always, we we be reminded of God's amazing grace.

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