Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Bible is Always Relevant

The Bible is like no other book.  Although it is ancient, it still relevant.  Some people call it unrealistic, but it’s as real as it gets.  On occasion, it is downright raw as it speaks the unvarnished truth to us.

Though politically incorrect, it is absolutely true and reliable.

On top of being relevant, realistic, and reliable, it is the only piece of literature that can claim the inspiration of God.  It is literally God-breathed.

All of this is incredibly helpful to anyone in my position.  As a messenger of God’s Word – I am not responsible to make it relevant.  My job is to help others see how relevant it already is.  I am not permitted to dull its edge or blunt its sharpness just because some find its message offensive.  And because it is God-breathed and living, I can count on it to speak for itself and touch people in their life wherever they are and however then need to hear it….

…. And then I need to just get out of the way so that God’s Word can accomplish what it is intended to accomplish.

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