Saturday, June 20, 2015

Concrete Poured!

This is how I spent most of my time last week - getting ready for, and assisting with the cement pour.

To begin with, I did all the back-filling myself (as well as the compacting of the soil).  

You'll notice this is a high foundation - it's four block high -i.e., we added the fourth course as a change-order - which required more dirt , more time, and more concrete to fill the cavities, and more cost.

By my best calculations, I moved 183 tons (or 270 cubic yards) of fill dirt that I had delivered several years ago. It took me several weeks to move it from the back of my property to inside the foundation, but I saved myself about $4,000 by doing it myself.

This week, on Friday, the concrete arrived and with the finishers on site, the foundation phase was completed. The pictures below show how the day unfolded.  I had 65 cubic yards of concrete poured.  That's a lot of concrete!  

Btw, the finishers did an exceptional job... smooth finish... attention to detail... very level... and they also cut control joints for me (to control where cracking occurs).  I am very pleased with the quality of their craftsmanship.  I would recommend them to anyone needing a finisher.  They charge 55 cents per square foot.

I was very interested and reassured in seeing the concrete flowing into the cavities of the block (i.e., I have one picture of that below).  This makes for a very solid and tight foundation... all of which is built on undisturbed ground... giving me great peace of mind.

The pictures below are in sequence....

This is the Carport 

Notice the depth of monolithic footing for the carport 

Some of the concrete trucks poured from the front - which was very precise.

Carport being leveled

House Foundation - notice the concrete flowing into the block cavities

This machine creates a smooth finish

My on-site office... the tailgate of my pickup truck

Pour complete....

View from the other end...

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