Saturday, June 13, 2015

Veracruz Style Red Snapper

This is the dinner Renae and I prepared last night for a family meal (the kids, grandkids, mom, and the two of us - four generations).

The main dish was Red Snapper prepared in a Veracruz style (i.e., Mexican Gulf Coast).  Basically, the fish is baked in a bed of selected vegetables (after they have been sauteed and seasoned to taste on the stove top).  

In this meal I used cherry tomatoes (halved), sweet white onion (chopped), fresh garlic (minced), jalapeno pepper (de-seeded to remove the heat, then diced), capers (not shown) green olives (sliced), and fresh oregano.

The dinner was rounded out with boiled shrimp (locally caught), fresh corn on the cob (locally grown), a corn salad (with sun dried roasted tomatoes infused with olive oil), fried mullet, steamed broccoli, and a platter of tomatoes (yellow and red) from my garden.

"This is how we be doing it at my house."

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